Friday Brunch in Dubai Marina:

What do you generally do on a lazy Friday morning?

Can you resist Friday Brunch in Dubai Marina from Market Restaurant & Café? We bet, you will intensely absorb the atmosphere with our cozy interior and eye pleasing waterfront, where it acts like a Spa of it’s own.

The Friday Brunch in Dubai Marina by Market Restaurant & Café itself is a getaway from mundane regular life. Please come expectantly and depart with pleasant memories.

Our covered free parking lots and Free WIFI will make you as comfortable as ever

We will spoil you with all kind of specialty dishes, across the globe; Indian, Arabic, Italian, Continental, Mexican, etc.

Last but not least, the classic way of dining without any preservatives and MSG, makes you healthy and worth the trip.

Happyness in Every Bite!

Saturday brunch in Dubai Marina:

Market Restaurant & Café has an amazing Saturday brunch in Dubai Marina with wide range of selection. Please drop in with your family or all alone. The relaxed ambience will give you a soothening effect on your mind and soul. You may just gaze at our scenic waterfront or read any of the books, magazines and newspapers we have.

For a busy business or entrepreneur or a social being, you can connect to your friends/associates tru Social meda/Skype call. Thanks to our Free WIFI and feel-home approach.

You will find new meaning for a Saturday brunch in Dubai Marina. Happyness in Every Bite!